Izopanel had it’s first steps into cooling sector by its factory located on Pendik – Kurtkoy in 2000. While the changes in manufacturing technologies were forcing us to do new investments, this changes and development period accelerated and it increased the efficiency. Today, Izopanel company manufacturing about 300.000 m2 with 3200 m2 indoor space. with the trademark named as Izokabin.

Izokabin started to manifacture different sizes of cooling room panels. But today, Izokabin also manufacturing wall, ceiling, floor panels and cold room doors in both spesific and standart sizes ands types. Izopanel’s aim is to indtroduce economic, healthy and true solutions that which has measurable benefits. Izopanel manufactures panels and cold room goods for different areas and sectors and Izokabin trademark is manifacturing cold room requirements for all kinds of requirements which are needed by different sectors.

Our Products

Soğuk Hava Deposu
Modular Cold Rooms

Izokabin the modular cold rooms, rooms are produced in standard sizes the user is able to mount. Cold rooms are 80 mm thick, frozen [...]

  • Wall Intermediate Panel
  • Wall Corner Panel
  • Corner Details
  • Ceiling Corner Panel
  • Hinged Doors
  • PVC String Curtains
Industrial Cold Storage
Industrial Cold Storage

Industrial cold stores will be stored varies depending on the product storage conditions. Cold Room of the difference to larger areas[...]

  • Flat Panel
  • Trapezoid Panel
  • Locked Panels
Floor Panels
Floor Panels

Izokabin the modular cold rooms, rooms are produced in standard sizes that the user can mount. Cold rooms are 80 mm thick, frozen[...]

  • Stainless Steel, Plywood / Galvanized
  • PVC, plywood / Galvanized
  • Plywood / Galvanized
  • Chrome Corner
  • Chrome intermediate panel
  • Plywood Corner
  • Plywood intermediate panel